Managed PaaS Solution

Focus on developing your application. Don‘t worry about infrastructure management.
Let Managed PaaS do the work for you.

Managed Platform as a Service (PaaS), is a platform that Pilar Cloud Solution sets up, rolls out and operates for you in any cloud environment. You have the application and can focus on managing it.

To help you maximize the potential of the cloud, Pilar Cloud Solution delivers a wide range of managed services designed to meet your business requirements. Cloud Managed Services guarantee the support required throughout every stage of your company’s journey to the cloud, regardless of the complexity of the IT applications and services involved. Remove the need for costly internal resources or assets associated with running cloud infrastructure. We deliver all aspects of the provision and management of your cloud, as one service. By providing ongoing management of your cloud infrastructure, you are free to focus on your applications. Pilar Cloud Solution Managed Services in the Cloud brings together the power of a cloud platform with deep expertise in the management and optimization of the infrastructure environment. Trust our experienced system engineers and DevOps to keep your business-critical IT environment optimized and running around the clock.

Implementing best practices to maintain your infrastructure, Pilar Cloud Solution helps to reduce your operational overheads and risk. Pilar Cloud Solution Cloud Managed Services improve agility, reduce costs, and unburden you from infrastructure operations so you can direct resources towards expanding your business.

Managed Platform as a Service

The complete fully-managed package for your company

Cloud Platform Made Easy

✔ Set-up of working &
managed PaaS stacks
✔ Established processes and
Frequently rolled out

Highly trained experts,
24/7 reachable

✔ IT-team always available
Expert knowledge up to
Professionals experienced
in diverse projects

Money Saved

✔ Individual solution for your
Transparent cost
development due to cloud

F.A.Q Paket Platform as a Service Manage Solution

F.A.Q seputar layanan Full Manage Platform as a Service

Apakah mendapatkan akses Root ?

Ya. Anda mendapatkan akses root dan semua kontrol server Anda sendiri.

Platfom PaaS Apa saja yang di support ?

GCP, AWS, Azure, Jelastic dan lainnya

Manage support via apa saja ?

Untuk manage support kami menggunakan email, Whatsapp Dedicated Grup, Telp, dan Chat

Apakah bisa bantu migrasi dari server lama ?

Bisa, hubungi kami untuk detail kebutuhannya.

Apakah yang terjadi jika terjadi kegagalan hardware ?

Kami  akan sepenuhnya bertanggung jawab dan mengganti semua kerusakan hardware secara gratis.

Apakah backup dienkripsi?

Ya, backup disimpan terenkripsi menggunakan Standar Enkripsi AES-256.

Jika ada kendala bisa dihubungi melalui apa ?

Kami menyediakan Whatsapp dan email untuk bantuan support.

Apakah support 24 jam ?

Benar, dengan SLA kami pastikan untuk layanan manage support 24/7