Managed Linode Cloud Support Services

Managed Linode Cloud Solutions and monthly Linode Server Maintenance Services with 24×7 Monitoring. Let’s transform your business with Linode!

Linode Cloud Management

Managed Linode Cloud support provides ongoing management of your Linode Cloud infrastructure by implementing best practices to maintain your infrastructure.

Linode Professional Services

On our Managed Linode Service package, we will be available to reduce the risks to your infrastructure by providing unbeatable support with 24/7 monitoring. Managed Linode Cloud service provides support in Linode Cloud includes Cost Optimization, Architecture designing, High availability (HA) cluster, Application setup and management, Migration to Linode from any platform or hosting, etc. We are proficient in Linode Cloud services like Linodes Configuration, Linode Scaling, Linode Object Storage, Linode Longview, Linode Kubernetes, etc.

Our Linode server maintenance service is designed to keep your servers updated, maintained, and secured all the time with 24×7 monitoring to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency. Please check the details below.

Pilar Cloud Solution provides a full cycle of cloud services management services based on Linode

The complete fully-managed Linode Cloud for your company

Platform and infrastructure solutions

We will efficiently and promptly deploy platform and infrastructure systems, ensure their security and round-the-clock support.

Migration to the cloud

We will quickly and smoothly migrate applications and web services to the Linode Cloud.

Continuous delivery and CI / CD integration

We work with maximum automation of operations, significantly reduce the speed of product launch on the market.


We will ensure the integrity and safety of your data and perform not only their regular backup, but also restoration.

Professional Services

Linode Cloud professional service solutions from experienced Linode Cloud experts with affordable rates.

Load Balancer services

We have expertise in setting up floating IPs and load balancers in your Linode Cloud environment.

24×7 Monitoring

Our team with their unbeatable experience will be always available to help you around the clock if faced with any downtime of your website or server.

Server Maintenance

Monthly Linode Server maintenance service with pathing, updates, virus scans, and continuous monitoring.

F.A.Q Paket Linode Cloud Managed Service

F.A.Q seputar layanan Linode Cloud Managed Service

Apakah mendapatkan akses Root ?

Ya. Anda mendapatkan akses root dan semua kontrol server Anda sendiri.

Platfom PaaS Apa saja yang di support ?

GCP, AWS, Azure, Jelastic dan lainnya

Manage support via apa saja ?

Untuk manage support kami menggunakan email, Whatsapp Dedicated Grup, Telp, dan Chat

Apakah bisa bantu migrasi dari server lama ?

Bisa, hubungi kami untuk detail kebutuhannya.

Apakah backup dienkripsi?

Ya, backup disimpan terenkripsi menggunakan Standar Enkripsi AES-256.

Jika ada kendala bisa dihubungi melalui apa ?

Kami menyediakan Whatsapp dan email untuk bantuan support.

Apakah support 24 jam ?

Benar, dengan SLA kami pastikan untuk layanan manage support 24/7

× Salam, ada yang bisa kami bantu?