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AWS Consultancy & Management Services

We have really thought about it all, from the technical to the commercial side. The stacks offers a set of features paramount to AWS cloud hosting.

Pilar Cloud Solution is built on the core concept that business and technologies got to be human, i.e. easily accessible, substantial, thoughtful and inspiring.

Pilar Cloud Solution is a team of skilled engineers and developers for whom it is a great pleasure to find and build perfect solution to your business challenges. Our specialists detect the true scope of each problem and use their insight and experience for eliminating your main deficiencies.

If your company needs a reliable partner for managing your environment migration to cloud or API to serve out data or software for eliminating pain points and providing seamless processes, Pilar Cloud Solution will make it work for sure.

Our most successful customers see investments in technologies as a key strategic choice that helps to enhance business development. All members of our team really enjoy that we are the ones who manage such investments.

With long-term experience in IT, Pilar Cloud Solution is the best partner that can help to make sure that your IT expenditures are working for your benefits.

Amazon Web Service Management

F.A.Q Paket Amazon Web Service Management

F.A.Q seputar layanan Amazon Web Service Management

Apakah mendapatkan akses Root ?

Ya. Anda mendapatkan akses root dan semua kontrol server Anda sendiri.

Platfom PaaS Apa saja yang di support ?

GCP, AWS, Azure, Jelastic dan lainnya

Manage support via apa saja ?

Untuk manage support kami menggunakan email, Whatsapp Dedicated Grup, Telp, dan Chat

Apakah bisa bantu migrasi dari server lama ?

Bisa, hubungi kami untuk detail kebutuhannya.

Apakah backup dienkripsi?

Ya, backup disimpan terenkripsi menggunakan Standar Enkripsi AES-256.

Jika ada kendala bisa dihubungi melalui apa ?

Kami menyediakan Whatsapp dan email untuk bantuan support.

Apakah support 24 jam ?

Benar, dengan SLA kami pastikan untuk layanan manage support 24/7

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